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Mazahira bt Mohd Noor Sabri

Bermaz Auto Trading Sdn Bhd



What do you understand about these three words? At first I too, was confused to think about these three things in my life. It is true that everyone wants a good job as well as a good career and be successful in their respective fields. But, how many people are successful in their field of work? Have they entered the field because of interest, desire or just to fill a position? The answer lies within each of us. However, the more important question is how we want to be successful in the field that we operate in today.

I am writing this to share my experience. I work in the automobile sector not because of my passion nor childhood ambition. I joined this sector due to the demands of life and refusal to be an “unemployed graduate” statistic. Friends and family remarked that I was wasting money spent on my further education, as I took up a job that was not my field of study. But knowledge and education is not wasted if it is put into practice. The development of knowledge will not only benefit me, but also others whom I deal with.

There’s nothing ‘glamourous’ about working in the field of spare-parts and I doubt anyone ever ventures into this field by choice. Nevertheless, I have come to love it because of the never-ending learning experience continuously unfolding in this field. Although I’m thoroughly enjoying my work, at times I do wonder if it’s good enough? Will I just stagnate here? Is there no future for a 'spare parts employee’ like me? The answer is the absolute contrary.

If you still think there’s no future in the spare-parts business management, it means you don’t yet know about the future it can hold. I am very grateful to my employers, especially my superiors for giving me the opportunity to participate in the ACS AsiaPac Automotive Vehicle PARTS MANAGEMENT PROGRAM. After going through this program, I no longer like my work, I LOVE MY WORK!

Now I have begun to understand the importance of managing spare-parts in a motoring organization. It is truly the backbone of the automotive industry. Now that my outlook towards this industry segment is open, I am happily receiving a lot of new input. What is more rewarding, now I can identify the direction and magnitude of the opportunities available to me in this area to move towards excellence in the future.

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