Why Choose Us?

Aftersales Before Sales

ACS ASIAPAC is Asia's leading Automotive Aftersales one-stop training, consulting and services group.  We are your preferred resource centre, different in our approach, delighting and introducing our clients to a wide range of innovative automotive solutions.

Founded by Devindran Ramanathan in March 2011, ACS ASIAPAC has in its team more than 20 years’ experience in the Automotive industry in Malaysia, having worked with global OEMs and Distributors/Franchises.

The variety of expertise gained from his long and singular career path and field, Devindran has developed invaluable intuition which fuels his passion for the industry.  Having developed his career while the industry was growing in leaps and bounds has only fuelled his determination to keep abreast of industry innovations.  And where does the mother of those innovations come from?  Only the buying public can inspire that, and we care about what the buying public thinks about your brand.

You can trust us to know what we are talking about.  Why?  Because we have spent our entire careers fixated with the automotive business.  Nothing else gets us out of bed faster than the additional promise of a great local breakfast before meeting our clients.  We are eager to initiate quantum shifts in the way the automotive industry treats and values the talents they have within their organisation.  You bet that’s the most economically efficient way to retain talent and loyalty both with staff and your customers.  No one wants to see and deal with a new face every time they drive into your establishment, and neither do our clients want to waste precious resources of pinching and retraining staff when the wealth of talent within can be awakened to greatness.

We give you the best of what we know and experienced and through our constant contact within the industry both local and foreign, grasping the current issues that affect our clients.

We’ve got the track record of experience to prove it!