Who Are We?

ACS ASIAPAC brings together a wealth of talented expertise from across the Malaysian Motor Industry.  Our experts developed their career from both Asian, European and American marques enabling them to amass the Best Practices from a variety of business management styles, techniques and culture.  Diversity makes us strong and that is the strength of our associate team.  Our experts form a particularly great team for aftersales in the various sections that make up this crucial area of any successful comprehensive dealership.

Our Founder, Managing Director & Principal Consultant has more than 20 years experience of moving through the ranks to lead the Sime Darby Motor Group as Head Aftersales Malaysian Region.  His passion for aftersales is unmatched in the industry with his motto “Aftersales Before Sales”.

ACS ASIAPAC then hand-picked our team of associates, choosing only those who truly live and breathe development of professionalism in the industry to collaborate with, to deliver the very best tried and tested routes for a successful auto business.

Expertise is incorporated into each and every program we run and project we execute.  From helping you make profit from managing your parts inventory in our Parts Management Program to ensuring your valuable customers crave to come back for repeat purchases with the Customer Service Excellence program, to projects such as workshop audits, mystery shopping and market survey of your customers and competitors.  We have done it all with commitment and timely delivery.  

Each time we are involved in any training or project, we never cease to be amazed at the talents that lie within every one of our participants.  It’s an understatement to say that we are touched by those we have coached to better understand and operate within their business.  It’s gratifying to see eyes sparkle with new found understanding which stirs loyal determination in the hearts who leave our training rooms.

We involve and inspire for the desired IMPACT!