ACS AsiaPac offers a wide range of general services applicable to the motor industry clients or customers interested in Automotive solutions and seek our expertise. Our goals are to

  • Help you define the problems and leverage on a wide range of available opportunities your organization is demanding
  • Determine the value-added services you wish to adopt
  • Work with you to find solutions
  • Help you implement the selected changes

ACS AsiaPac consultants draw on their substantial experience to work with you to find solutions that will work in your environment. We'll sort through the tactical and strategic issues and help you make a realistic choice.

Our goal is to make you and your organization successful and for you to receive recognition for your accomplishments.

ACS AsiaPac provides several areas of general services, including

  • Event organizing
  • Product launches
  • National Dealer conference
  • Supply of temporary support staff eg drivers, admin staff
  • Specialize Automotive Dealership Solutions
  • Facilities planning
  • Endorsement Possibilities with sports icons
  • Recycling efforts of schedule/hazardous waste
  • Emergency preparedness and ESH
  • Dealer audit and compliance to retail standards
  • Consulting and Ideas of automotive coffee-table publication
  • We distribute Automotive Management books by Jeff Smith

js books

  • Accident Reconstruction and Fire Investigation
  • Assist in the speedy completion of safety/technical campaign
  • Reality TV Series/Docudrama

Some of the present collaborative partners we are thrilled to promote in Malaysia are:-

  • Event Canopy Asia/Hong Kong



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Unemployed Graduate Trainee Program 2016

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Parts Management Program

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Our Principal Consultant

dev b

Devindran draws upon his vast 24 years Motor industry experience and exposure to different brands. As Managing Director and Principal Consultant of his company, Devindran has the passion and knack for turning Dealerships fixed operations into profitable, performance oriented and a sustainable business pillar through his own style and approach to life.