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ACS AsiaPac interviews

Madam Chia Loy Tian
Principal Wesley Methodist School





1) When did this initiative start?
This programme which we named Work Experience Programme (WEP) was started last year in 2011 when I took over the headship of the school.

2) Is it optional that a student participates?
It is not optional; I have made it compulsory for all Form 4 students.

3) What % of the students would normally obtain placement?
Hence, ALL students will get placement.

 logo 7a1The inaugural ACS AsiaPac AUTOMOTIVE CONFERENCE MALAYSIA 2012 successfully completed on 15-May.  A total of more than 150 participants attended the programs, with some participants attending both!  It may have been a little quiet during Program 1 as participants were shy about opening up to Jeff, but an open and frank journal written by Jeff himself and published in the CBT-NST paved a fantastically open platform for maximum Q&A in Program 2.  Asking loads of questions helped everyone to learn better from real Malaysian examples.

Jeff's books were available for sale during the conference.  Although limited in quantity, we still do have some stock available for purchase.  You may do so by downloading the order form here and submit for processing.  

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