p1000791 rMuhammad Fudhail Bin Roslan

Parts & Accessories Department

Suzuki Malaysia Automobile Sdn Bhd


After completing this program, I have a clear understanding of parts management and key items to gauge warehouse performance like turn ratio, fill rate and day stock supply. We learnt many things like ABC classification, 20-80 rule, warehouse arrangement, holding cost, warehouse security and many more. This course provides a complete overview on how to manage our inventory and turn our parts faster than our people.

Before attending this course, our fill rate was around 90%. Along the course, our fill rate increased to above 95% for 3 consecutive months. We also started a program to reduce obsolete parts to 10%. I learnt that better buying generates profit. Thus we have looked through our ordering parameter to ensure we order the right parts at right quantity.

I personally recommend this course to everyone in the automotive parts industry as you will learn many essential concepts and knowledge about parts management.



img 20141118 wa0004

Mazahira bt Mohd Noor Sabri

Bermaz Auto Trading Sdn Bhd



What do you understand about these three words? At first I too, was confused to think about these three things in my life. It is true that everyone wants a good job as well as a good career and be successful in their respective fields. But, how many people are successful in their field of work? Have they entered the field because of interest, desire or just to fill a position? The answer lies within each of us. However, the more important question is how we want to be successful in the field that we operate in today.