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Electric buses are powered solely by batteries. They should not be confused with hybrid buses; which are powered both by batteries and either petrol or diesel engine that is activated after the bus has gone a certain distance.

There are serious concerns around the world’s major cities today of existing diesel-powered buses causing poor air quality and resulting in other propulsion systems taking its place on the back of reducing natural resources.

Sync R&D Sdn Bhd, which has developed the Electric Bus 1 Malaysia (EB1M) program, has successfully delivered praise-worthy project management work in design, fabrication and helped both local and international companies become incredibly more successful than themselves.

I often visit automotive dealers during my free time and mystery shop organizations to understand their operations and to observe staff at their workplace.

Particular attention is paid to how service advisors interact with customers and manage the customer experience moments; and that the customers are getting good customer service from the staff all the time.

Claims for great customer service is often advertised by companies themselves, but a troubling trend with customers today is that many feel like companies are not committed enough to “walk the talk”. Many are hard-pressed to make it a mantra to deliver a customer service that is fun, fast and memorable. The result is only 4% of customers who trust advertising of any customer satisfaction hype or awards bestowed on them.

Honestly, if you come across a company with strong reputation for customer support and one which strives passionately to make it a strategic differentiator and I would like to put them on my list of interesting places to visit the next time.


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FOR students studying in the United States, the sane ones, summer break is the light at the end of a very dark tunnel that seems to be light years away at the start of the academic year.

After eight months of gruelling, academic torture, students get to rejoice with a four-month vacation to relax and recuperate. However, engineering students in the US typically do not spend their entire time off letting loose.

A big chunk of their summer is spent doing internships to gain work experience in their field of choice.

Being a 21 year old, who would enjoy nothing better than to spend the entire period slacking off and hanging out with friends or blinding myself for hours on my PS3, I found this rather odd. Therefore, as any carefree young adult would do, I decided to blow off the internships.

As the year went on and with a bit of philosophical pondering, I started to realise why students at my university, the University of Michigan, were so intent on interning during the summer.


MANY colleges and training providers shy away from running programmes on inventory management, but why?

Teaching and encouraging an interest in inventory management is often challenging; one has to overcome concerns that the subject is too abstract or conceptual. The objective often lies in linking the theory, practicality and the financial impact of the subject.

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