Firstly, a tankful of season’s greetings & blessings to all Muslims celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

Major festive seasons in Malaysia are often welcomed with a mixture of joy and challenge for many service centre Managers.  Traditionally, from as early as a month before Hari Raya or Chinese New Year, appointment bookings for vehicle service & repairs often start filling up faster than the any other time across franchise dealerships and independent workshops.

Walk-in customers without an appointment are often chided and looked upon with disdain when they insist on getting their cars serviced before the customary holiday travel. It is not uncommon to overhear the loud voices of disgruntled customers outweighing the silent majority, patiently awaiting their turn to consult the Service Advisor to accede their special holiday request.

At the forecourt, parking spaces are normally hard to find, cars double-parked and often spilling out of the premises’ gates. The long line of cars awaiting service, affects the smooth production flow of any service centre. Most dealerships today were originally sized for smaller volumes and are land-locked from further expansion, let alone seasonal demands.
“The scenario is exacerbated during the Ramadhan month since most organizations allow their Muslim employees to go home an hour earlier in order to prepare for the breaking of fast at sunset” he added.

Working During Ramadhan

For the Service Manager, theoretically the fasting month is one projected with lower revenue due to the average lower attended hours of Muslim technicians available in a day. This may amount to a much as 7% for the dealership of 10 technicians, if half of the productive technicians are of the Muslim faith. Managers need to understand that Muslim employees may also choose to perform their midday prayers and must be flexible to ensure that that the workshop planning has taken this into consideration. Additionally, all other faiths join in this festivity by taking their vacation around the Aidilfitri period, further depressing the productivity levels of the Ramadhan month.

Lower Productivity at Work?

So, it is easy to generalize that with the public holidays and the extended vacation leave taken, the holy month of Ramadhan is perceived with reduced productive hours.
It is also expected that Muslim technicians undertaking service and repair jobs involving manual dexterity will without doubt see their energy levels flagging later in the day.

Best time for “Salmon Fishing

For most owners of automotive service business and Aftersales managers however, this may also be a bountiful time for “harvest”. Let me explain the reality.
Firstly there is bound to be high demand of customers patronizing the dealership to have their vehicle inspected and serviced. The service reception is a hype of activity coupled with the many promotional and marketing mix offered by dealerships in the month.
“Our run-rate of revenue month-to-date is normally above target due to the exceptional demand for services during this time. The teamwork and commitment we get from our Muslim employees in our workshop is certainly the enabler” shared Anbananthan, Aftersales Manager at PJ Ford’s outlet.
It is no exception today, witnessing technicians, steadfast in their faith, willing to do more work during the fasting month. Many feel obligated to their employers and choose willingly to work during their schedule meal/rest breaks to make up for the higher than usual customer service and repair request. No time for rest, a case of “mind” over “mattress” for many.


At my previous place of work, Mohd Affandi, aka Atan is a model Muslim technician to many. He exemplified the spirit of Ramadhan, refused to be slowed down by fasting and continuously achieved incentives month after month. His dedication and work-life balance attitude resulted in many following his footsteps and working towards a common goal for the organization.

mohd affandi

 Overall Efficiency at its peak

Suffice to say that for most companies, the Ramadhan month is often one of the most profitable in the both the sales front and aftersales. It’s a time when the utilization of resources and productivity is in harmony with seasonal demands.  Ramadhan is normally a month when teamwork, if inherent, will be most evident. Inter-faith understanding prevails and work is performed under pressure. This normally brings out the best of the employees who are motivated and determined to work harder than ever without expecting any more than a “thank you” from their customers or colleagues.  Overall, few will deny that the Ramadhan month is probably the best month where the organization’s capital is most effectively employed. 

Now, that we’ve sorted that out and as employees get back to the grind after the long hiatus, many companies will continue to celebrate a sterling August performance with their many post Raya celebrations.

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Sunday, 16-September-2012

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