ACS AsiaPac is a leading Automotive consultancy company serving the automotive industry. Our consultants possess a high level of sector expertise, comprehensive know-how in methodology and a proven track record in innovative business and automotive solutions.

Consultants are often brought in to provide specific 'solutions' to business problems and needs

For companies in the automobile industry, our consultancy services focus on and not limited to the following:

  • Post Merger Integration
  • Operational Excellence
  • Inventory optimization
  • Process harmonization / Automotive Best Practice Sharing
  • Setting up management and control systems
  • SAP Best Practice Automotive Implementations & SAP System Consolidation (TCO optimisation)
  • Purchase/Leasing decision
  • Fleet Management
  • Selection of a Dealer Management System
  • Managing product recall and large service campaigns
  • Operational best practices
  • Lubricant selection
  • Employee Change programs

Eg: Client requires consulting in Architecture, Workshop/Inventory Storage & Planning and Equipment Selection

Whether you run an existing dealership or are considering purchasing and/or redesigning one, considerable thought and energy must be invested in this area which provides you with one of the foundation for greatest operational efficiencies.

There are several basic principles at the planning stage which forms the basis for designing and equipping your workshop given the prevailing operational requirements and with an eye firmly on the demands of the future.

This may include

  • Space utilization
  • Lighting
  • Economical Work Flow
  • Workplace Ergonomics
  • Tools and Equipment and storage
  • Storage

The above considerations are important if the long term security of investment is to be guaranteed, maintaining a high quality repair and increased customer satisfaction.

From the first consultation to the actual running of an efficient Service and Parts organization, and from the planning stage to the on-going post implementation advisory, you will sure to benefit from our knowledge and industry wide expertise. If we need to secure the relevant expertise in the exceptional event, we are committed to obtain the very best for you.

The benefits to you are:

  • High operational efficiency
  • Individualized planning
  • Service reliability
  • Comprehensive knowledge
  • Short communication channels
  • Access to local tools and equipment partners

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Our Principal Consultant

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Devindran draws upon his vast 24 years Motor industry experience and exposure to different brands. As Managing Director and Principal Consultant of his company, Devindran has the passion and knack for turning Dealerships fixed operations into profitable, performance oriented and a sustainable business pillar through his own style and approach to life.