ACS AsiaPac is has undertaken several project management assignments recently. Once our client defines the goals or objectives they wish to achieve, we are quick to perform:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Resource Allocation
  • Risk Management Analysis
  • Ethical Analysis of Project
  • Prepare budgets for approval
  • Determine timelines for completion
  • Implementation of Project Plan
  • Communicating your Plans and Status
  • Evaluating projects and Results
  • Completion and closing reports

With our multi-disciplinary experience and expertise, we are able to manage any size of client's automotive project on time, safely to cost and specification.

Some of our recent projects undertaken:

  • Dynamic Reliability testing according to manufacturer's requirement over 45,000 km
  • Consultant in recent Government's workshop modernization effort
  • Competitors Road test for Senior Engineers & Executives of a major manufacturer
  • Managing to completion one-of vehicle safety recall before delivery for client

Our Principal Consultant

dev b

Devindran draws upon his vast 24 years Motor industry experience and exposure to different brands. As Managing Director and Principal Consultant of his company, Devindran has the passion and knack for turning Dealerships fixed operations into profitable, performance oriented and a sustainable business pillar through his own style and approach to life.


Parts Management Program

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Unemployed Graduate Trainee Program 2016

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