As a team, we have an in-depth understanding of the Automotive sector, working practices, procedures and the necessary skills requirement.

We are keen to assist job-seekers who are unemployed to match them up with potential employers in the Automotive sector.  We don't charge a fee for this service, as we see it as our Corporate Social Responsibility to help productive workforce engaged in gainful employment.

At the inaugural MIBTC 2013, Devindran shepherded a job-fair booth which premised on the fact that both organizations and individuals are increasingly looking for each other and we felt an obligation to voluntarily assist in performing a “match-making” exercise.  "The idea is to bring together companies that are looking for staff and job seekers. These could be fresh grads, people looking to cross to a new profession or seasoned professionals looking for new challenges" says Stefan Pertz, Editor of Asian Trucker, organiser of MIBTC 2013.

Our experience and relationship developed with major Automotive OEMs over the past 25 years enables us to

  • Anticipate the needs of both parties
  • Match the right job to the right person at the right place in the most cost effective and efficient manner
  • Provide permanent, contract and fixed term contract staff
  • Supply staff to the complete supply chain across the entire industry
  • We teaches dealers how to find, hire, and retain the top talent in the industry to work for their dealerships
  • We have good auto industry connections both to the client organizations as well as the technical and management education supplier

Our Principal Consultant

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Devindran draws upon his vast 24 years Motor industry experience and exposure to different brands. As Managing Director and Principal Consultant of his company, Devindran has the passion and knack for turning Dealerships fixed operations into profitable, performance oriented and a sustainable business pillar through his own style and approach to life.


Parts Management Program

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Unemployed Graduate Trainee Program 2016

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