Vehicle Road Test 

We have successfully completed  dynamic road testing for leading European brands covering up to 40,000km per vehicle; with particular emphasis on driving during the monsoon season to measure wading ability and water leaks in Malaysian conditions.

We are quick to learn of our clients requirements pertaining to technologies (recoding and analysing data) and testing solutions to enhance the quality, endurance and reliability of their final products.  

Our drivers have a good working knowledge of vehicle engineering, testing & development and experience of vehicle evaluation. We endeavour to meet clients requirement for technical advice, offering appropriate feedback and meeting all local and international driving regulations and vendor requirements.

Small Market Survey with In-Depth Interviews  

Our involvement at the retail operations end has enabled us to support manufacturers, distributors and dealer groups to continually improve and enhance the products and the services our clients offer.

We offer resources and expertise to our clients to undertake general market surveys, in-depth interviews and organize focus-groups discussions to learn the needs and expectations of customers. All the insights that will feed into future vehicle development and customer service improvement initiatives.

If you want fast, reliable market data and wish to understand “What’s Hot” and “What’s Not”, you can count on our unique market intelligence, industry experience and in-depth knowledge of the local and regional automotive market.

Our coverage spans:

  1. Consumer Research
  2. Brand Research
  3. Spare Parts Price Analysis
  4. General Market Research
  5. Competitor Product and Service Analysis
  6. Motorcycle, Passenger and Commercial Vehicle sectors


Workshop Service Quality Audit & Mystery Shopping

Automotive consumers today face an array of brand touch points during their ownership experience. We help our clients know how their customer’s experience their product and services at every point of contact in the sales and service organization and benchmark their customer’s experience against set objectives, across dealerships and with their competitors

We work with the best auditors and mystery shoppers who understand the complex compliance environment, regulatory requirements and appreciate the sensitivities when dealing with dealers and independent workshop staff. 

Our deliverables range from delivering comprehensive compliance audit assessments to mystery shopping programs to measure staff execution against the ideal vehicles' sales, delivery and service process. Where appropriate, we are flexible in providing audio-video recording and/or delivering web-based reporting.

Truck Driver Behaviour

Because we understand the commercial vehicle operations,  demands on the fleet, cost implications and asset utilization, we have been in position to consult organization and train commercial vehicle drivers to optimize their performance.

We have worked through some of the concerns and challenges fleet operators face to bring about a positive return and benefits on:

  • Driver productivity, safety and well-being of the team
  • Improved Prime Mover and Trailer utilization
  • Reduced repair, save fuel, maintenance cost and down time cost
  • Improved service levels
  • Eliminate delays and inefficiencies